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Dronodat merges innovation with geospatial intelligence, elevating sectors like energy and construction. Our tech transforms data into insights, enhancing efficiency and decision-making. Join us in advancing industries.

Where Innovation Meets

Geospatial Intelligence

With a suite of innovative technologies at our fingertips,
we're setting the standard in geospatial intelligence for industries like energy, construction, oil and gas among others.



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3D Modeling & Mapping

Enhance your project planning with our precise 3D terrain and structure models, enabling efficient execution and decision-making in development sectors.

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Arial lidar data output for vegetation management
Vegetation Management

Optimize land use with our imaging technology for agricultural health, aiding conservation and utility management through detailed vegetation analysis.

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Solar farm thermal inspection
Defect & Object Detection

Ensure infrastructure safety and compliance with our AI-driven detection of structural issues and objects, essential for energy and construction sectors.

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How It Works

Dronodat's process begins with understanding your geospatial needs, followed by deploying cutting-edge drones for data collection. Our expert analysis then converts this data into actionable intelligence.

How it works, data capture, analysis and delivery,. an illustration of an end to end solution.

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Connect with us to explore how our geospatial solutions can benefit your business, with tailored support every step of the way.

Data Collection

We utilize advanced drones to gather high-resolution geospatial data, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your project.

Data Analysis

Our specialized algorithms analyze the data to extract meaningful insights, vital for informed decision-making.

Data Delivery

Receive processed data in user-friendly formats, ready for integration into your operations for enhanced efficiency.

Software as a Service

We enjoy building custom applications for our clients depending on their needs and specific workflows. Our innovative software solutions will streamline your business operations and increase efficiency.

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Together we can build a better future

Dronodat wants to participate in the fight against climate change and contribute to a better future and better living conditions for all with all the forces at our disposal.