Experience Precision, Efficiency, and Safety with Our Advanced Solution.
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Dronodat aspires to harness the power of AI, drones, and satellites to create precise visual representations of assets using either point clouds (3D) or polygons (2D).


Streamline your vegetation management processes, from planning to execution, ensuring safety and compliance with ease.

Precision in Every Analysis

Harnessing the latest in geospatial technology, our solution provides unparalleled accuracy in vegetation and powerline mapping.
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Exclusive Pilot Project Opportunity

We're offering a select number of utilities the chance to participate in a pilot project. This opportunity allows you to see the real-world benefits and efficiencies our platform can bring to your vegetation management processes, with personalized support and insights from our expert team.
Scan 200+ kilometers of powerlines
6 Months of free subscription to Dronospace
Customization of DronoSpace to your own workflow

Ready to Elevate Your Vegetation Management Approach?

Join us in redefining the standard for safety and efficiency in powerline vegetation management. Contact us today to learn more about our pilot project opportunity or to schedule a demo. Let's chart a path to a safer, more efficient future together.
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Frequently asked questions

What is vegetation management for powerlines, and why is it important?

Vegetation management for powerlines involves monitoring and controlling the growth of trees and other vegetation around power lines to ensure safety, prevent outages, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Can our solution differentiate between various types of vegetation?

Yes, our solution can distinguish between different types of vegetation, allowing for more precise risk assessment and tailored maintenance approaches.

Is the data provided by our platform compatible with other asset management systems?

Absolutely. Our platform's data integrates seamlessly with a range of asset management systems, facilitating easy incorporation into existing operational workflows.

How does your platform enhance vegetation management around powerlines?

Our platform utilizes advanced geospatial analysis and drone technology to accurately identify areas where vegetation poses a risk to powerlines, enabling targeted and efficient management strategies.

How does our platform help in emergency situations, like post-storm assessments?

In emergencies, our platform quickly assesses affected areas, providing clear data on vegetation-induced damages or risks, enabling faster and more effective response actions.

What makes our platform unique compared to traditional vegetation management methods?

Our platform transforms powerline vegetation management with precision, efficiency, and proactive maintenance scheduling. By leveraging advanced technologies and near to real-time data analytics, we reduce costs, minimize outage risks, and ensure compliance while offering scalability to adapt to changing needs.

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